Why choose me?

Jason has studied guitar with Jonathin Asperil, Marcos Mena, Simon Peter King, Ben Eunson, Rich Goldstein, Frank Varela, Paul Shumsky, Jamie Sherwood, and many more great musicians. Jason believes that the pursuit of knowledge is never-ending. While teaching he encourages his students to play the music they want to play and believes lessons should not only teach the student something new, but should be fun and enjoyable. 

He has taught at Guitar Center, Musical Expressions, and privately, but you can now find him teaching at Martel Music in Plainville.

Some of the material I Teach

§  Guitar Techniques (Bending, Vibrato, Hammer-On, Pull Offs, Slides, Etc)

§  Understanding The Concept Of Time (Tempo, Rhythm, Form)

§  Arpeggios (Major, Minor, Dominant, Diminished, Half-Diminished, Etc)

§  Study Of 7th Chords (Major 7th, Minor 7th, Dominant 7th, Etc)

§  Major Modes (Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian)

§  Major And Minor Pentatonic Scales

§  Major And Minor Scales

§  How to Analyze music

§  Open Chords, Barre Chords & Power Chords

§  Harmonics, Artificial Harmonics

§  Learning ii-V-I Progressions

§  2 Note Comping Voicings (3rds And 7ths)

§  3 Note Comping Voicings (Root, 3rds And 7ths)

§  Learning Jazz Standards

§  Study Of Intervals

§  Rhythm

§  Improvisation

§  Transposing

§  Transcribing

§  Picking Techniques

§  Tapping

§  Scale Exercises

§  Chord Melodies


At the ripe old age of 54 I decided to rekindle my childhood interest in learning to play the guitar and luckily had the good fortune to engage Jason Lapierre as my instructor. An amazingly accomplished musician in his own right, Jason is a gifted educator. Regardless of your skill level, goals, or commitment to practice his instruction is deftly tailored to give you the right balance of theory and techniques, mixed with the fun of learning songs & riffs to which they’re naturally applied. Never condescending and endlessly patient, Jason motivates with positivity and encouragement. If you’re looking to learn guitar in a comfortable, productive and enjoyable way I highly recommend you get in touch with Jason!

-John Sanchirico

"I have been working with Jason for the past 4 months. My guitar playing had improved dramatically! He is a patient person, and you gotta be to teach me. I knew almost nothing, and now I feel like I am within 6 months of being a real pro. I've been learning Music Theory, notes on the fret board,  Rhythm, Pentatonic Scales, and octaves. Although some of this stuff can be working, it is necessary to become a good guitar player. But me and Jason do about half work and half having fun. Usually we jam together in the 2nd half of the class. And it is good to play with someone else trading off lead and rhythm parts. So I get experience playing with another guitar player. I think it will make it easier when I play with other people. Not only is Jason an expert guitar player, but he plays an awesome "Free Bird"(Skynyrd) on the piano. He blew me away when I heard that, unbelievable. I think having some direct teacher makes you progress faster. I would not have stayed on course on my own." 

-Bill Bennet

"Jason LaPierre is an awesome music teacher simply because he wants to share his passion for music with the world. Jason will teach you lessons with a smile on his face and an extremely positive and patient attitude. Your time with him will be filled with growth and lesson time will fly by. He will get your playing to the next level, you will learn what you personally want to learn, and he will make you hungry to learn more.  His teaching never feels like it’s just a job to make money but a way to possibly change the world for the better."       

-John Henley

Our family has been taking guitar and jazz piano lessons from Jason for over three years now. He is an excellent instructor and accomplished musician. He is very patient with students both young and old. He does NOT teach strictly from a textbook, but rather from his own personal experiences as well as using multi-media applications as teaching tools. He is always polite, respectful, and conscientious. He rarely cancels a lesson and is always serious about encouraging the student to practice. We recommend him to you and think you will very satisfied with the Jason LaPierre Music experience.

-Dom Trocchi (age 56) and Matt Trocchi (age 21)

"For my 85th Birthday, I decided to take piano lessons. Corey Martel of Martel Music hooked me up with Jason LaPierre and he is a great teacher and a good person. He also teaches my Nephew Tim guitar lessons. Anytime, any age, contact Martel Music and meet Jason."

-Bill Petit Sr.

"There is not much that I would recommend as highly as I recommend Jason as a guitar teacher.   When I first came to Jason I had learned some basic chords in a college guitar class but not much else. The first thing Jason taught me was how to strum, which is an essential skill for a rhythm guitarist.  I remember how excited I was when I learned how to play my first song, Wonderwall, which is still on my set list today.  

Jason has a natural knack for teaching music, he breaks things down and explains them very clearly.  During my lessons he writes out everything from chord charts, various exercises, AND he has transposed many songs for me to make them more suitable to my level.  He often employs metaphors to explain a certain concept which keeps learning fun.  Most recently he told me to make my “wrist more like spaghetti”  in order to help me stop hitting my guitar with my pick and making a clicking sound.  My clicking has since decreased!  

Jason is a very well rounded musician, which makes him a very qualified teacher.  He also helps me with my songwriting which I am very grateful for as a new songwriter.  This goes to show that not only does he teach you the skills that you need for a certain instrument, but he also helps you APPLY them to your ultimate goals.  This is what makes his lessons very unique and incredibly helpful to any aspiring musician.  

I have made swift progress in my guitar playing since starting lessons with Jason. He strongly encourages his students to practice! I went from not knowing how to strum to having a guitar set list of almost 50 songs.  Just about everything I know about guitar I learned from Jason.  He goes above and beyond for his students and is committed to their success.  I would say that deciding to take guitar lessons with Jason is one of the best decisions I have ever made."

-Erin Roccapriore