Watch out for this rising Jazz Guitarist

Elijah Atwood is a Jazz Studies major at Central Connecticut State University. He plays in a few of their many ensembles such as the Big Band, Jazz Guitar Ensemble, and even the innovative iPad ensemble.

Originally from West Hartford, Atwood has been playing music for a while. When he first came to CCSU he wasn’t quite sure what instrument he wanted to play, but enjoyed playing guitar quite a bit so decided to stick with that.

When it came down to decide whether he wanted to play jazz or classical, he had to make up his mind. He knew he enjoy music a lot, but wasn’t exactly what sure what direction he wanted to learn towards. He actually really knew nothing about jazz.

He made up his mind when he talked to the head of the music department, Dr. Menoche. He said “Jazz uses a pick right?” After Menoche told him that it would be using a pick, he had made up his mind. So basically since he used a pick, that is how he made his decision.

Before getting into Jazz, Atwood was influenced by a lot of rock music. He listened to popular music like INSYNC at first, and almost went back in time listening to bands like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Steely Dan. Some of his early influence with jazz music was the soundtrack from the game “Fallout”, which has a lot of old jazz standards in it.

Currently, he listens to a lot of Sax players such as Sonny Stitt and John Coltrane. Along with that, he enjoys classical music and listening to a wide variety of music.

After he graduates, he wants to teach at shop as well as gigging. He most recently got offered a position teaching kids how to play guitar in Simbury so try to fill his schedule with teaching whenever he is not busy with school.

He plans on gigging a lot more once he graduates this semester, but says it is hard to find time with so much going on.

It won’t be long until Atwood is finished with school and will move on to playing and showing people the skills hes been developing. Keep your eyes out because Atwood is bound to make big things happen.

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