Jazz Session’s in Connecticut

If you live in Connecticut and play jazz, you may also wonder what kind of events regularly happen. It’s taken me a while to discover places that have jazz sessions and I am still constantly finding new ones out. Here is a list of some of my favorite sessions I’ve found out about.

  • Black Eyed Sally’s Monday Nights

One of the first sessions I’ve discovered is the Monday night Jazz Jam’s at Black Eyed Sally’s in Hartford. The night begins with a featured band playing a set, and by 9:30, they open up the set to anyone who wants to play. This is a high caliber jam and not recommended for people just starting off. The energy is high, music is great, and every week listeners are delighted with a new group.

  • Prospect Cafe Tuesday Night Jazz session with Steve Davis

Steve Davis is one of Hartford’s most known and talented jazz musician. He is a trombone player who has played with many of the greats such as Freddy Hubbard, and many more. The night starts off with the house band playing a set, usually consisting of his son Tony Davis who is an upcoming jazz guitarist. After the set, it opens up to anyone who wants to play. This jam is usually full of talented musicians. It has not been running for as long as the session at the Black Eyed Sally’s Jam but is rapidly growing

Listen to some of Steve’s Music below:


  • Jazz Sessions at the Frosty Mug every Sunday

Once I started going to jazz sessions and playing with such great musicians I set a goal to start a session myself. This is the one that I started up myself. I would say this one is the most relaxed and is open to anyone to play at any time thought most of the evening. All skill players are welcome to play and it always is a fun time. It starts at 5pm and ends around 7pm.

These are just a few of the many jazz events that happen in Hartford. Please send me an email with any regular Jazz sessions you may know about and I will be sure to add it to the list!


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