Anyone can play an Instrument, Including you!

Final Project

We all can think of a time when as a child we might have seen a concert and wondered how in the world they were able to make their instrument sound so beautiful. I was lucky enough to find the guitar and realize that is my true passion. But that didn’t come right away. I first started on trombone, moved to piano, and almost 5 years after beginning playing music finally found my passion; guitar. It wasn’t easy to play the guitar. It took practice, devotion, and time. With patience and failing several times, I was finally able to hone into my craft and become happy with my playing. Playing the guitar became less of a challenge, and more of an escape. Anytime I picked up the guitar I felt a sudden urge of joy. I believe that anybody could play an instrument, they just need to find which one suits them best. You might get discouraged, but if you stick with anything, you will see results. It is just a matter of time. The sooner you start playing, the sooner your story will begin. Instead of wondering if you could do it or not, just do it. Soon you will be able to play some of your favorite songs and express yourself though a musical instrument. This is a beautiful thing, and I believe everyone should get the blessing to play an instrument. Now is the time. Start! And if you already play an instrument, keep going. Don’t just stop where you are at now, you can always keep improving and expanding your knowledge. What is your story? How did you get into music? Why do you love music so much? We all have different reasons for this question, but we all have the same reason; passion for music.

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