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Jason LaPierre, now 23, is Connecticut based professional musician, teacher, and composer. Jason plays guitar, bass, ukulele, trombone, recorder, and keyboard. Jason currently teaches guitar, bass, piano, and ukulele.

Jason has taught hundreds of students combined, both privately and at his time teaching at Guitar Center. He teaches all skill levels, ranging from beginners, to advanced players looking to expand their knowledge and learn new techniques. Jason teaches a wide variety of genres including Jazz, Rock, Blues, and Pop.

He has studied guitar with Jonathin Asperil, Marcos Mena, Simon Peter King, Ben Eunson, Rich Goldstein, Frank Varela, and many more great musicians. Jason believes that the pursuit of knowledge is never-ending. While teaching he encourages his students to play the music they want to play and believes lessons should not only teach the student something new, but should be fun and enjoyable.

Jason has performed at many different venues throughout New England; including Rock shows, festivals, jazz combos, duos, and solo performances. Jason currently plays with his original bands Portrait Party and New Amsterdam Nobles, as well as also collaborates with other musicians in the area. One of his most recent accomplishments is playing with notable bass player Doug Wimbish from the band Living Colour.

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Jason is available to play music for events such as weddings, birthday parties, holiday events, and restaurant lounge music. Follow the link to the right for Jason’s Contact Info.

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